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Longform Editions is a simple project dedicated to deep listening. We release four artists every two months producing new single works of extended length in pursuit of reclaiming space, time and concentration in our continually fragmented world. The nature of Longform Editions means that we don't have any merch, outtakes or bonus material, but we think ensuring you have these pieces get to you regularly is a good enough reason to take out a subscription. In any case, you'll get a discounted rate on a year's worth of releases, plus our back catalogue of 2018 editions as well. (currently 12 pieces) It's about a $50 saving, more if we add more music through the upcoming year. We'll also be looking here and there to offer extra things to our loyal subscribers. Taking out a subscription to Longform Editions supports the artists as well as the series itself, and that's tough to do with streaming.

Our next edition will be out December 12. thank you for your support of this project!

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Longform Editions
Sydney, Australia
Longform Editions is an ongoing series creating a space of musical discovery for extended pieces of exploratory, expansive and immersive music pieces from around the world, looking to reclaim time and space in the fractured world we live in.

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