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Longform Editions is a curatorial music practice created to foster and celebrate immersive listening experiences for the musically adventurous.

Launched in 2018, Longform Editions was founded by Andrew Khedoori and Mark Gowing, based on the collective experience of their long running Preservation label. The organisation was originally born out of a desire to enable a deeper attention to listening utilising contemporary digital music delivery systems. Longform Editions was not conceived as a record label, rather it is more like an ever-evolving group show at an art gallery, but online, with music.

Longform Editions aims to bring together both established and lesser-known artists with like-minded musical pursuits, creating a new space for exposure and musical discovery, while also offering an expanded sense of listening. The beauty of Longform Editions is the collective power of the artists and their works being equally presented in a carefully curated space. A rising tide lifts all boats.

At Longform Editions we are creating what we believe to be a strong institution for artists with listening at its heart. We believe that by uniting artists we can establish a lasting cultural platform that serves the purity of creative practice.

Taking out a subscription to Longform Editions supports the artists as well as the series itself, and that's tough to do with streaming. The nature of Longform Editions means that we don't have outtakes or bonus material, but we think that receiving these pieces regularly is a good enough reason to take out a subscription. Purchasing the works of our artists goes a long way to sustaining the project. Longform Editions offers a monthly subscription of AUD$6.00 per month. That's a decent discount where you'll get oncoming editions plus some bonus pieces from our catalogue.

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